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Dog Breeding Reform Group Symposium – Tackling Inherited and Conformational Problems in Dogs

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22nd October 2017
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22nd October 2017

When bad becomes normal - Welfare problems related to conformation

With an emphasis on neurological problems such as Chiari-like malformation, brachycephaly, syringomyelia, vertebral malformations in screw tailed breeds, and Wobbler's syndrome, Clare discusses how selection for certain conformation may increase risk of disease and opens discussion on how they could be addressed.


Ocular problems related to poor head conformation: the wrong kind of skin and excessive amounts of skin

With the exception of known inherited diseases such as hereditary cutaneous hyaluronosis (HCH), the reasons for poor head conformation are complex and do not follow patterns of Mendelian inheritance.  Sheila will argue that breed-specific standards are fine, provided that those standards are not causing, orperpetuating, conformational abnormalities that have health and welfare implications.


Ocular problems related to poor head conformation: skull shape, does it matter?

What happens when we select for characteristics that change the shape of the dog’s skull? There are more than 400 documented breeds worldwide and their craniofacial morphological diversity is astounding, but not necessarily synonymous with good health. Sheila discusses the adverse impact that skull shape can have on a dog's quality of life, with particular emphasis on the ocular problems associated with brachycephaly.


When bad becomes normal:  Inherited disease

With an emphasis on neurological problems such as Lafora's disease, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, and inherited susceptibility to immune-mediated disease and cancer, Clare Rusbridge discusses how challenging it can be to avoid genetic disease or disease susceptibility and opens discussion on how to tackle inherited disorders in a breed.




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