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Summer Vacation 2017 - Acceptance of Room Offer


Amount (£)


Please read the terms and conditions below, before proceeding.

To accept your offer/s of a room for the summer vacation please input the amount you are paying into the above amount box and add the "product" to your basket. You will then be asked whether you agree to our terms and conditions and you should then input your card details to make payment.


Detailed Description


The terms of the summer vacation licence are as follows:-

1. (a) You agree to occupy the Premises and pay for the period specified in your offer letter/s.
(b) During the Licence Period you have the use of the furniture and equipment listed in the inventory that will be provided to you at the time you move in ("the Furniture and Equipment") and the use in common with other occupiers of the Flat the communal facilities and areas within that Flat/House, and the use in common with the other residents of the Building, the Building's communal facilities and areas ("the Common Areas").
(c) The parties acknowledge that this is not a tenancy agreement and does not confer security of tenure.
2. Once you have made the required payment and accepted the offer your accommodation will be booked for you.  You will then be sent an invoice which will show the total cost of your stay. In the statement section on page 2 it will show the payment you have made and any balance which remains due for payment.
3. Terms and Conditions & Residents Guide
This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions set out and to the guidelines and requirements set out in the Residents Guide and the Student Disciplinary Regulations being in force from time to time. The Residents Guide can be viewed at www.surrey.ac.uk/accommodation. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact us and we will send you a copy in the post. Please ensure you read the Guide thoroughly before signing this agreement.
4. Your Responsibilities:
(a) You will pay the rent on the "Pay by Date" specified in the statement section of page two of the invoice you will soon be sent.
(b) You agree to abide by the terms of the Residents Guide and the Student Discipline Regulations.
(c) It is a condition of this Agreement that you remain a student, member of staff or approved visitor of the University for the duration of the Licence Period and you agree to leave the Accommodation upon request if you should cease at any time to be a student, member staff or approved visitor of the University.
(d) Without prejudice to any of the terms contained in the Residents Guide, you agree:
i. to keep noise at a level that does not interfere with the study, sleep or comfort of other residents, staff and neighbours. You must reduce the level of noise immediately if requested to do so by a member of university staff or by another resident;
ii. to behave with respect and consideration towards other residents, staff and your neighbours. This includes not injuring, or damaging the property of others, not using foul and abusive language, not using other residents possessions without permission and respecting the privacy of others;
iii. not to hold any parties without permission from the Wardening Team;
iv. not to smoke within the residences this includes your room and all communal areas;
v. to keep your room/flat in a clean state and carry out your share of cleaning in any communal areas for which you are responsible e.g. the kitchen and bathrooms;
vi. to dispose of your rubbish in accordance with the information provided in your accommodation;
vii. to acquaint yourself and follow the fire alarm and evacuation procedures for your accommodation;
viii. not to tamper with any electrical equipment, gas installations/appliances or fire safety equipment (unless due cause to do so);
ix. not to have or use portable electric or gas heaters, portable cooking equipment or chip pans. You must not use any items that may have a naked flame or produce heat (e.g. candles, tea lights, incense sticks, oil lights etc);
x. to ensure the building and your room/flat is left secure. For example, you must not prop open external doors and you should lock your door, and close the windows when you are out;
xi. not to have any pets. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are permitted if the University is notified in advance;
xii. not to have on campus anything that could harm you or someone else (e.g. airguns or any other form of weapon, chemicals or fireworks);
xiii. to keep your room and the communal areas you have access to in a manner that will not endanger the welfare of others who need to access these areas including other students, staff members and visitors to the accommodation;
xiv. not to give keys or swipe card to your flat/house/room to any other person;
xv. to report any damage to your accommodation promptly to your Court Reception or via the Online Helpdesk;
xvi. not to sublet your room;
xvii. to escort at all times and be responsible for your guests while they are in or on the residence site. This includes being responsible for any damage they may cause;
xviii. not to use your room for any business purposes or illegal activity, including any activity relating to illegal drugs;
xviv. to pay for any damages caused by you either through negligence, deliberate act or accidents. You also agree to pay for damages that may have been caused within an area over which you have sole or joint control if the person who caused the damage cannot be identified.
(e) If a letter/notice is delivered to your door/mailbox it will be deemed that you have received it.
5. The University's Obligations
(a) The University will, for the duration of the Licence Period, grant the Student, member of staff or approved visitor with a Licence to occupy the Premises.
(b) The University will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that any repairs, maintenance or cleaning services are carried out promptly.
(c) The University will use its reasonable endeavours to provide adequate heating and lighting in the Premises, but the University cannot accept responsibility for the failure of any services in the Premises which are outside its control (e.g. as a consequence of flooding, lightning strikes etc.)
(d) The University will provide the Furniture and Equipment and will maintain it to a reasonable standard and in compliance with health and safety laws.
(e) The University will use its reasonable endeavours to undertake the cleaning of the communal areas in line with the guidelines set out in the Residences Guide.
6. General
a) The University reserves the right to enter and search the Premises in the interests of health and safety or the maintenance of law and order or to carry out essential repairs, maintenance and for cleaning purposes. The University will provide you with 48 hours notice of any planned works or inspections, excluding for emergencies, where shorter notice or no notice may be given. If you report a fault then you give permission for the access required to investigate and fix the fault.
b) The University may require you to move to different accommodation than the Premises on the giving of not less that seven days notice, excluding an emergency situation where shorter notice or no notice may be given.
7. Cancelling or Terminating the Agreement
(a) The Licence will terminate in the event that you cease to be a student, member of staff or approved visitor of the University, in which case the University will release you from your obligation to pay any Residence fees once you have vacated your room and returned your keys (as set out in clause 2 above).
(b) If you wish to leave the Premises before the end date of your licence agreement you will be required to give us two weeks notice of this.  If the required notice is not received you will remain liable for rent for the Premises.
(c) You may cancel this agreement until 5 working days before the start of the licence unless you have already taken up occupation of the Premises.
(d) University of Surrey can break this agreement if you are in violation of the terms and conditions by giving you 4 weeks notice. If you fail to vacate at this time, or at the end of the licence, legal action will be taken to remove you from the property.
8. Complaints Procedure
If you wish to raise a complaint about the condition of the premises or any issue arising from the terms of this agreement please submit a written complaint to Accommodation Services as soon as possible.

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